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During a mission trip, a Texas resident was wrongfully detained in Haiti. Owners of a business jet in the man’s hometown, use empty flights to transport his legal team and family—and to bring the man home after securing his release. A mother and her four year-old son, fighting for his life with inoperable brain aneurysms, are provided empty seats on a U-Haul corporate aircraft in order to secure treatment in Dallas. A Texas Panhandle ministry saves thousands of dollars in transportation costs to fly an internationally known speaker from her home to their conference.

These kinds of stories happen on a regular basis thanks to Empty Flight Plan, a program connecting corporate aircraft with organizations, ministries, and humanitarian causes. Founded in 2006, Ministry Wings Aviation, a 501C3 non-profit corporation, helps businesses make better use of empty corporate flights and seats while helping worthy organizations find a more efficient and less expensive way to travel. 

Puerto Rico Relief after Hurricane Maria