About Us
Justin Miller - Founder, Executive Director & President
Carla Miller - Co-Founder & Secretary

In 2006, airline transport pilot rated Justin Miller and his wife, Carla, founded Ministry Wings Aviation out of a long-held desire to  combine his aviation career with their passion for ministry. The idea was partly inspired by Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem—an early example of borrowed transportation for the sake of ministry. 

Justin has been flying planes since he was 14 and landed his first professional piloting  job at the age of 20. His former positions have included being chief pilot for Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corporation, a nation-wide pharmacy and healthcare organization. Here, he was head of their aviation department where he conducted and flew their corporate aircraft for 15 years. 

Justin, Carla, and their three children live in Amarillo, Texas. He has also served on the board of directors for Lost But Not Forgotten, an evangelistic and humanitarian ministry among the small villages of West Africa.                                                                                          

Lyndy Phillips, Vice President & Director

An ordained pastor, humorist/entertainer, an
d veteran of local church ministry, Lyndy Phillips has served as the Executive Director of Development for MarriageTodaya Dallas-based national marriage and television ministry. Currently, he is pursuing speaking and entertaining full-time under the name of Lyndy Phillips Productions & Lyndy Phillips Communications (a nonprofit 501c3 ministry). He has performed for audiences and churches across the United States, from Hawaii to the Bahamas.

Trey Dewey, Director

In the financial management business, Trey
Dewey brings a wealth of experience having obtained titles as Chief Financial Officer and recently serving as a controller for the Amarillo Globe News, a print publication newspaper in the Morris Communications family. His current endeavors has him overseeing the financial picture of Provenance Consulting, a  leader of information management services for the oil, gas, and chemical industries using innovation and technology. Trey also helped in the planning stages of MWA's Empty Flight Plan helping map out the informational processes of our innovational program. Trey resides with his family in the Amarillo area.

 Dr. David Timm (Former Board Member 2009-2012)

A former doctor of pharmacy who returned to school to finish a medical degree after more than a decade in the pharmacy business, Dr. David Timm served as an OB-GYN specialist before transitioning to full-time ministry with an evangelistic and humanitarian ministry he founded ministering to the small villages of West Africa.

Dr. Alan Burkhalter (Former Board Member 2006-2009)

Paula Timm (Former Board Member 2011-2012)

Christopher Poindexter (Former Board Member 2007-2010)